Friday, June 19, 2009

A hesitation

There's darknesses beyond the curtain of waking.


Mara Jiménez said...

So... do not hesitate... go back to sleep, if there's no light it is still time to be resting. Wait for the sun.

7 words 7 said...

A truly wise commendation. I'll try tonight.

Ivanius said...


Reality changes the face of any illusion.


So you think waking up is foolish.


"To sleep, perchance to dream". (Hamlet) That's it.

7 words 7 said...

Waking up is not foolish. It's scary.

NTQVCA said...

without hesitation i wrote only seven words...

ja ja


now they are nine

7 words 7 said...

NTQVCA it's always a pleasure read you!


Adrián said...

but hesitation is what gives decisions that importance.

I say hesitate.

7 words 7 said...


You're utterly right! To hesitate it's trhilling.

MauVenom said...
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MauVenom said...

There's still the need to open your eyes to witness all things to happen

so maybe darkness is the price for us to see the next hours of light