Thursday, October 08, 2009

6 out of 75

Luck becomes the cynosure of the lazy


la MaLquEridA said...


¿ y por qué te escondes?...

7 words 7 said...

Oh... I have never played; never will.


MauVenom said...

So finally!

where the hell where you hiding, Mr?

are you gonna be around sharing or this is just a glimpse?.

Nice to see you back

(If that's that you´re back)

la MaLquEridA said...


Nunca juegas y nunca lo harás...¿ton´s?

No entendí,¿será porque no hablo inglés?...

¿Pues dónde estabas que a todos les da gusto que regreses?...

NTQVCA said...

Lucky to have been where you have been!

7 words 7 said...

I was relocating, but I'm back! CHEERS!

I think MELATE is money badly spent.

And I'm lucky you stop by! Hughs.